It is time for white people to unlearn and relearn everything they know about America.

Cleveland, OH Black Lives Matter Justice for George Floyd protest, May 30.

We all know many who deny the details of how Black people have been oppressed and murdered for centuries because they think the facts sound too outrageous and monstrous to be true. That speaks to the racism and the privilege that exists in America.

It has been time for each…

Help contribute to closed theaters near you and across the country through new rental streaming platforms.

Movie theaters across the country are facing new challenges in the midst of COVID-19 shutdowns…

Distributors and movie theaters have launched virtual cinemas to support local theaters, their employees and filmmakers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ticket buyers can find new releases or classics to rent for a flat fee by searching for a local theater through a distributor platform, or from a local theater’s website.

Fox News and President Donald Trump framed “The Hunt” as controversial before anyone had seen it, unknowingly reflecting the premise of the film. (Some spoilers).

The newest trailer for “The Hunt.”

I was scrolling through political pandemic opinions on my Twitter timeline when I saw a friend’s post about a scandal linked to an article with no details that backed up their propaganda-like statement. When I messaged them to ask if they had found any…

Céline Sciamma unmasks the reality of how women live and experience art in a light that has never been seen before. Ever.

Adèle Haenel as Héloïse in “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” / NEON

I could not let another week pass without writing about “Portrait of a Lady on Fire.” I was lucky enough to see the French 18th Century period piece writer and director Céline Sciamma won Best Screenplay for at Cannes last year in a theater followed by a Q&A with Sciamma…

Emphasis on the graphic part.

Haley Bennett as Hunter in “Swallow” l IFC FILMS

In the nauseating psychodrama “Swallow,” Hunter (Haley Bennett) is a pregnant housewife who develops a craving for inedible, life-threatening objects as the isolating and controlling environment created by her husband Richie (Austin Stowell) and his parents eat at her. I had two questions as I started watching: How will I…

Marissa Nichol

I write and watch films from my New York City apartment. BS in journalism from Kent State University. IG: @honeylandpoetry

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